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WE are heartland photography

We are a mother-daughter, Wedding and Portrait photography team, with over 19 years of experience. We live our lives following God's purpose, documenting special moments and traveling across the country for clients. We believe life is lived during the dash...it's the heart and soul of every adventurous story passed down through generations. We provide the portraits to document your journey and we welcome you to follow along on ours!

Before each session or wedding we start our time together with a pre-shoot consultation. This gives us a chance to start building a strong relationship with you! Our goal during this chat is to break down what you want, and put together a plan for our time together. From that conversation, you should have confidence that we will have a provide a unique and special experience. Typically, this takes place about 2 weeks before your portrait session, and up to a year before a wedding.

"Brides and Grooms look to us as trusted advisors"


Weddings are our favorite! When we are shooting for weddings, we are never intrusive to guests or our clients. We are capable of capturing beautiful images without “being even seen” because we blend into the day, as we have been told. Countless times we have been told we are more than photographers - we are coordinators, stylists, and so much more! Our clients especially love that we are the ones who bring a bridal bag filled with the “Oh no! I forgot that” items. Brides and Grooms look to us as trusted advisors, and we're so honored.

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Are you a Destination Couple? Our passport is always ready! Please be sure to get in touch for our destination photography packages.


We love working with our Senior clients! In fact, we spend a considerable amount of time during our pre-shoot consultation working with seniors learning their style, and actively listening to their vision. We match your requests with locations, and even suggest wardrobes to compliment and tie together the shoot. It’s important to us to make you, the student, as equally happy as your parent.

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"We learn about your style and actively listen to your vision."

Newborns + family

We prep you, the mom-to-be, with as many details of the session as possible. We understand how important it is for you to trust us, be prepared, and able to relax during the session. Most babies are only 7-10 days old when we photograph them so you are still tired, and the last thing we want is for you to stress or feel unprepared! We even prepare the you by going over simple details like: what steps we take when the baby becomes fussy or poops on us (side note: omgoodness, you wouldn’t believe how many times that has happened to both of us)!

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"We understand how important it is for you to trust us, be prepared, and able to relax during the session.."


It’s scary to pose in front of anything other than a mirror, so we get it! We take time at the beginning of every session to just hang out, have some snacks and drinks, and be girl friends. Once the tension is gone we start the session. We prepare you on what to bring, especially accent items like shoes and earnings, but we also supply a travel case with items that can be used. We understand that tiny details can make a big difference in making women feel pretty, and that’s our goal is to make portraits that are genuine and classy!

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"Our goal is to create portraits that are genuine and classy!"