Nov 23, 2020

Hokies at Home – Wedding Portraits in Blacksburg, VA

It was almost a year, to the day, from the last time Jillian and Alex were in front of my camera. Our last adventure was at Ft. Monroe for an awesome engagement session. We were all looking forward to a Spring wedding, but 2020 has been a little different, to say the least. They didn’t let that shake them, instead as always they tell each other – you’ve got this!… followed by several varying bit mojos. So, these two found the positive and had an intimate wedding, then we landed together in Blacksburg…hello Hokies!

This was a perfect setting for gorgeous and fun portraits, especially since these love birds are alumni. They showed me their favorite spots all over Virginia Tech’s campus and as you can see nailed every pose.

They first met in person at the Smithfield plant, but Jillian first saw pictures of Alex years prior at a Virginia Tech Football game while in the box Smithfield co-sponsored. There was a list of Smithfield employees who were Hokie graduates and their year of graduation. Jillian noticed Alex was close to her time in Blacksburg and looked him up. From that moment, Jillian knew she had to meet him, but also wondered, “was he one of the kids I used to shake my fist at and swear under my breathe at on the drillfield??”

Spending time in Blacksburg with Jillian and Alex was so much fun. They both have entertaining personalities. Jillian admits that Alex is funnier. She said he always has a way of brightening even the darkest of days and always makes her smile. She said she could be the most frustrated little Italian girl in the world, and he will get me to crack a smile and know it will be OK. 

Alex said he loves Jillian’s “honkytonk badonkadonk” but in all seriousness, it’s her no BS attitude and way about life. She helps reign him in and back to reality to keep him grounded. Overall, she completes him and makes him feel whole. Plus, she is absolutely gorgeous!!

When they aren’t chilling in their new home with the finer things in life “Miller High Life of course” from Alex, they are planning to traveling with their truck and small camper…that’s where they had me hooked too!

Changes in life and time brought them together and if you ask Jillian about Alex she would say “I can honestly say that I finally know and understand what true love is because of Alex. He is my best friend and soulmate!” That’s soooo romantic. 

My wish is for these two is to spend a lifetime together filled with love and laughter, adventures that end under the stars in memorable places and magic moments. Keep working hard and following your dreams together.

One day soon we’ll be taking another picture beside our famous pig to match Hokie, because you’ll be the king and queen of Smithfield!! 

We would like to thank the other vendors who gifted their creative and inspirational talents to make the Potter’s portraits a huge success. We look forward to future weddings together.

H/MUA | Manoca Salon
Bouquet, boutineer, and earrings | Felt Floral Gifts and Decor
Bride’s heels | Fan Feet

Sunglasses | Knockaround

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