May 3, 2019

Creative. Talented. Destined for Success.

High School Seniors are by far some of the most creative clients we work with. Each one is extremely different and so much fun. They are at that pivotal point in life and we are capturing that moment of time with them. Think about it…when you look around your parent’s or a close relative’s house how often do you see at least one senior portrait displayed? We are going to say at least one, usually more. Why? It’s a traditional milestone that has photographed for at least a hundred years.

For over 15 years we have been working with seniors and so far not one session has been the same, which is awesome! Granted, it is kind of hard to be creative in a drape or tuxedo, but hair, makeup and jewelry add a personal pop!

Now que the senior for our favorite part – casual wear. Before each session we meet with the senior to go over his/her expectations. We listen to both the student and the parent(s). Then we design a timeline, offer wardrobe suggestions, and scout locations.

The result is a session like this, continue to journey down the page with us and meet Hailey!

Before her session we talked, we texted, and we tossed around lots of ideas. She didn’t want traditional poses. She wanted to show personality, which was easy because she is very creative and talented.

Ohmygoodness she is talented. During her session she started to play and even the people walking by stopped to listen. She is AH-MAZING!! 

Sometimes mother nature decides to insert a plot twist during a session – this time with rain, but we didn’t miss a beat. It actually gave us a chance to finish the flower crown she wanted, while we waited it out. The shower quickly passed and we moved on to the next location.

Once we arrived down at the river we saw the prettiest skies on the shoreline, it was the perfect ending to our session. The sunset was magical and Hailey looked like an angel on the water. Her smile is absolutely contagious. She is a beautiful young lady inside and out, and there is no doubt she is destined for success!! We wish her all of the best and can’t wait to photograph her next milestone…college graduation. 🙂

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