Jun 21, 2018

Country Love at Harley’s Haven

From the moment we met Krissy we absolutely adored her because she was full of so many emotions just talking about her wedding day. It was like watching a little girl unfold her childhood dreams. She has so much love for Barry that it’s like a champagne bottle ready to pop at any moment, because it’s truly overflowing. They may be young, but they know what love is…for each other, for their family, for Barry’s truck, and Krissy’s puppy…lol
Nervous. Genuine. Excited. Pure. Happy. Blessed. – All emotions captured in their first look!
Our wish for you is to hold on to every moment, every memory from this day. Walk beside each other forever holding hands and looking into each others’ eyes. Always remember to love first, then laugh, especially with each other!
What does being the groom look like on Wedding Day? – straighten up your shirt, tie the bow tie, and put on your lucky socks. Then it’s time to make a toast with your friends and get one more piece of advice from Dad. Finally take a deep breath, smile, and get ready for the happiest day of your life because you are marrying your best friend.
Krissy made sure every detail was covered from her lace to her pearls, and those boots were classic and beautiful. Her veil was just as stunning as her dress, simply beautiful. There were so many tiny details that Krissy brought to life. Even down to the tiny pictures in the centerpieces of each reception table. 
They say God’s timing is always perfect. This couldn’t have been truer than on their wedding day. Right as Krissy met Barry at the arch the bottom of the sky opened up, but the ceremony went on without missing a beat. They never took their eyes off of each other and everything was perfect.
WAHOOOOOO we can finally say congratultions Mr. & Mrs. Lamm!!
Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!!! + 1 more, just because they can.
Bring on the cake….it’s always a favorite! We hope you can look at these portraits and see the endless amount of love that goes with this cake (and cupcakes) even when they smeared it all over each other, and then just laughed!!! We hope you can see the theme of happiness between them. 🙂
Finally it’s party time. Time to dance, dip, kiss & repeat.
We love sparkler exits and hearing the excitement and well wishes of guests.
​One more final kiss to end such an amazing day. 
Our prayer for your marriage is that your love stays as hot as the bonfire you met at and last forever. May time pass slower than the speedway from your first date and you always cherish and look at each other the way you did on your wedding day. We hope your love continues to grow and so does your family (puppies and all)!!!!
So many vendors helped make Krissy & Barry’s wedding special, thank you!
​We truly enjoyed working with you all.
Venue | Harley’s Haven
HMU | Lauren Oliver
Officiate |Terry Lawson-Ropollo
Videography | Gibby Visuals
DJ | TC Mowery
Caterer |Winston & Flossy Lewis 
Cake/sweets | Sinful Treats
Stationary | Zazzle
Linens |Grand Rental Station
Florist | JoJo Brooks & Norfolk Wholesale Floral 

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