Aug 24, 2017

50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration

Emotional! That’s the word that I want to begin this blog with. Why? Simply because looking at these images makes me emotional. I mean just look at all of the love and happiness in them. The celebration of being married for 50 years in no small task, especially these days! This event was a celebration of family, of overcoming trials and tribulations together, of unwavering devotion, and most of all an unbreakable bond through their faith in each other and God.
I look as these images and I see two people who have been married longer than I have been alive. That’s a-mazing! I see a happy celebration of two people who I consider to be a part of the elders that I look up to and cherish, like my own family. Two people that have simply “got it right” and “will make it last forever”.
My first memories of Aunt Doris (we are not technically family, but I’ve always called her Auntie) were jumping up in her salon chair, waiting for her to trim my hair and listening to the ladies in the shop “talk”. I can remember Bubba rushing from the fields to jump in a game of church softball. Those times seem like forever ago, but ones I’ll always cherish. They say it takes a community to raise a child, well Sterling and the many others of us who grew up “on the hill” are living proof that we required more than just two people. However, with that being said (and laughing while writing it) I’d say none of us would imagine a life any other way.
Ding, ding, ding…round 2 is happening! Look at the big cheesy smiles they have when Brice is beside them. It doesn’t get more genuine than that. Maybe it is easier when round 2 is a beautiful granddaughter. She is smart and funny, and she brings out a loving side in everyone, that is clear to see.
I could type all night about these two, but in short CONGRATULATIONS, Mr. & Mrs. Crocker, on your 50th Wedding Anniversary. May many more years of love and happiness bless you and your family.
ps- We hope photograph your 75th too!

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