Jul 26, 2017

Joe & Emily’s 30 days countdown

If the Town of Smithfield or Isle of Wight County ever needed a couple to promote Virginia is For Lovers, then let me talk to them…right after I pick my jaw up off the floor from looking at the images from this amazing session on Main Street. Joe & Emily are insanely adorable together and picture perfect! We wanted to share a few of our favorite images and our excitement for them as they start their 30 days countdown to their August wedding.
May you always lift each other up through loving words and actions for each other.
May you hold each other tight and never let go.
May you always look at each other with kindness in your eyes.
May you giggle and laugh at each other every day.
May you always kiss each other good night and have sweet dreams because one day, very soon,
​you will wake up and it will be the best day of your life… your wedding day!!
We can. not. wait. to see you BOTH in 30 days (eek).
It’s going to be magical and the best beginning to a fairy tale ever after together!

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