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Apr 17, 2017

3 Times the Dose of Cuteness!

Tonight we wanted to share with you a sweet dose of cuteness, times 3. Tiffany and I meet a few weeks ago to plan out this shoot because 1) we both have creative spirits and 2) well, when you have 3 children under the age of 2 life can be chaos without a tiny bit of planning. So without further ado here is Brynleigh’s 2 year old beach party with her 4 month old baby brothers as her tea party guest.
Sometimes I laugh from the inside (of course) because it really does take a crew to “work a little magic” to get babies to smile. Alexis was playing with Brynleigh, Tiffany was on one side, and Rusty was right there in the mix, working the bubble blower on the other side…
I wish we could know what those two handsome fellas were thinking or talking to each other about. I am sure it would sound something like- these people are acting crazy, all for us to smile. Then more sweetness happened.
Next, we moved on to the party. We got everything set up and Brynleigh was getting excited. The “support crew” was in ready mode for a true mess to begin. Cameras were up and…
…maybe the cake was too pretty to smash, maybe yesterday she has enough cake at her other party, or maybe she just needed some encouragement from daddy that is was okay.
Yep, she just needed the green light, but in the end the cake was still standing and everyone had fun. Great memories were made. Next tea party the boys will be sitting up on their own and trying to help eat the cake!!

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