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Feb 15, 2017

EEEKKKK!!! …. Surprise 

That’s how I feel right now, bubbling up with a ton of excitement because the other day I got a message asking if I could do a LOVE shoot before Valentine’s day. Of course I said YES! That just sounded romantic and well, February is all about the mushy stuff, right? I have been waiting and wanting to share with you how this session went (I thought something was up, but wasn’t exactly sure).
During the first part I focused in on sweet family pictures. The baby has grown so fast and he was being a little ham for the camera. Then, we moved on to add a few love items – it’s the opportunity for each other to write something sweet, something special, or say how they feel. I gave them directions to turn their boards to me first, then to each other. Here comes the fun….
Of course I was focusing in on them, and then – BOOMB!!! What? Wait, Stephanie… Does that say what I think it says? Yep!
Surprise! EEEEKKKKKK!!!! 
I loved Brandon’s reaction, raw, unedited and so happy. 
What a perfect day for a LOVE shoot. I couldn’t be happier for them. Thank you for surprising me too and allowing me to be a part of this wonderful announcement! This is definitely a session I won’t forget, and not because we had a whopping 30 minutes to get it done before some of the family showed up (wink-wink), but because this is another special moment that I am humbled to capture, one frame at a time!

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